Beach volleyball "training camp" in the spring 2023

In the spring  2023 holiday we will go with a group beach volleyball players to club Kastalia, THE beach volleyball resort in Turkey.
There we will prepare for the beach volleyball season 2023 by participating in training sessions and tournaments.
This year we are organizing a beach volleyball camp for 2 weeks. Of course it is possible to come earlier and/or stay longer. The week from Saturday to Saturday (8 days/7 nights) is a standard, you can deviate from this if you want to stay more days or if you want to arrive or leave on other days.

For beach volleyball players who are taking final exams this school year  the first week is ideal, Combining learning and training and then study for another week!

The 1st week (8 days = 7 nights) is from April 22 to April 29, the training week is from Monday 24 to Friday 28 April
The 2nd week (8 days = 7 nights) is from April 29 to May 6, the training week is from Monday May 1 to Friday May 5
See the "Program" page for details.

We have our own courts at our disposal for training and tournaments! On every field you have your own trainer and you practice all techniques, tactics and match situations.
When you go to the "all-inclusive resort club Kastalia" where more than 30 fields are used by an international group of Norwegians, Swedes, Finns, Estonians, Swiss, Germans and Dutch, we train 2 x a day and enjoy the 4 swimming pools, the beach and delicious food, you can enjoy the entertainment program in the evening or just want to relax, you can register here or request more information via

You can choose from the following options;
1st :   let us take care of your stay and training, you stay for a week (8 days / 7 nights).
2nd :  you arrive earlier/later than the standard journey. Extra days can be booked and must be indicated on the registration form.
3rd:   you arrange your stay and your trip yourself and only pay for the sporty part!
Your flight is NOT provided by us.

Since 2020, a visa is no longer required for Turkey.
Stay alone (single occupant is in order)or with your partner in a double room.
A triple room or a family room (4 or 5 people) is also possible and convenient if you want to share your stay with others.
Stay (All Inclusive*) is for 8 days (= 7 nights) from € p.p. (depending on room), for the training courses you pay €175 (5 days; 2 training sessions per day).
*All inclusive = breakfast, lunch and dinner + all drinks and snacks are included in the amount. (No extra costs)

Do you also take into account a transfer from the airport to the resort? We advise traveling with others and can contact you with others.